Monday, July 20, 2015

Spikes? Wut Spikes?

Solog Roark may be the best thing fer shipbuildin' since the fluggernubbin' Titanic, but he ain't exactlies the sharpest dagger in the body of Caesar when it comes ta architectures. I means, ya, it were pretty easies fer ta get up on top of the building with the rope cannon,

But ya see them pointy things what be coverin' all them walls? Yeah,  I's pretty sure what thems be what most of us calls "spikes".

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Is A Certain Lacking Of Amazing Virility

So them good folks at wowhead has done put togethers a new dressin' room tool fers ta prepare yerself fer the transmogalypse. Is pretty spiffy - you buggers should checks it out. Howevers, it mebbe needs a little work. Now, I's all fer armor showin' a little more skin fer the menfolk, and I'd totally rock this armor if'n it goes live like this in 6.2 ....

.... but I's gotta request what if wowhead's gonna show us off, that they gives us a more respectable tallywhacker.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Easiest Quest Ever

Find Kimzee? Okey-dokey.

Dude, we found her. She's standin' right fluggernubbin' next to ya! She ain't fuhggin'  left yet.

Not that I's sayin' what this expansion were rushed out the door when it were still full of bugs or nuthin'.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Somethings Ain't The Same No Mores

The Scene: Hyjal Summit

The Players: A Horde Grunt, a Horde Headhunter, and an Orc In A Dwarf Priest Disguise

Grunt: Here they come. Bugger me, is a lot of them.

Headhunter: Steady, mon. We has a hero with us.

Grunt: I dunno. Wasn't there supposed ta be twenty-five heroes?

Headhunter: Mebbe is one of dem "flex" things dey told us about?

Grunt: Gonna find out - great googly moogly, look at all those undeaders.

Headhunter: Stand firm, hero! We be wit' ya - grunts an' headhunters an' shaman an' Thrall.

Grunt: Bugger me. He just ran out there.

Headhunter: Hero, come back! We got dis strong defensive ... position .... here ....

Grunt: Fuhg me.

Headhunter: Da hero, he just killed'em all, mon.

Grunt: Fuhg me.

Headhunter: De undeads, dey all dead.

Grunt: Fuhg me.

Headhunter: I thought dem shadow priests didn't even have an AoE, mon.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just One Hundred Days Ta Go

When I first put that timer up in me sidebar, countin' down the days 'til Missus Ratters (aka Shianti, aka the Tiz, aka Julie) 's cancer were officiallies cured, it were kinda intimidatifyin'. Over 1500 days ta go back then. But now we's down ta only a hundred - close enoughs what we don't really think about it no more, 'cept fer when we look at the timer. So what all done happened since she finished the cuttin' an' the poisonin' an' the burninatin'? I's so glad you asked.

First thing what we did was, we got married. 'Cause that were what we wanted fer ta do.

Next thing was, she went back ta work. Night shift at the ICU, same as befores. But were tough, 'cause fer one her body'd done had the crap knocked outta it in ways ya never fully revovers from, an' fer two the new hospital never really clicked fer her the way the old one did, back where she lived before I done swooped in an' run off with her. But she's a tough bugger, an' she kept at it.

Meanwhiles, she went back ta school. She'd always done been meanin' to, but never quite did get arounds ta makin' it happen. After cancer though, woman had a fire in her belly. Year an' a half in, she had her bachelors. Two years after that, nurse practitioner masters degree. 4.0 GPA. Month after that, totally crushed the board certification exam. Now she got herself a real nice job at a medical clinic, diagnosin' sick buggers an' writin' perscrips, and makin' the big bucks. An' she don't gotta wipe no more craps off of no more arses no more.

The Tiz makes up her mind fer ta get shit done, you best get the fuhg outta her way.

Healthwise, she's mostly back ta how she were before it all began. But ya never recovers fully. Losin' a buncha lymph nodes on one side means she gets some painful swellin' in that arm sometimes, an' she gotta be carefuls on hot days 'cause she don't sweat there no more. An' the anxiety attacks is a lot fewers and less crushin' than they was back when we was lookin' down the barrel at 50-50 odds. But is all way better, an' we's very happy fer that.

Best of all, she's still me best friend, an' I's still hers.


Sadly, not everyone is as lucky as us. A few months ago, a friend of ours was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Despite his strength and determination, the love and support of friends and family, and the best medical care, he passed away last week. He and his wife had been in our guild back when we were raiding Naxxramas, and we were fortunate to get to see them socially several times in real life, including at our wedding. Julie and I were very saddened by his loss, and our hearts go out to his wife and their children.